Butterflies (Prod. Rony Black)

Back to Latin roots -love songs are a certain hit for a crowd.

I personally feel both my instrumental and lyrical production are evolving slowly to a better craft. It’s sure something to be proud of when I can get behind the keys and actually vibe out some rhymes to the beat. I sometimes feel angst from ex’s when they say they heard my “love song” and feel it’s about them. I laugh, but this artistic form of hip-hop is a melting pot of experiences. All you can do is hope you’re of the good lyrics.

There’s always plenty of heartbreaks to write about. I’m not The Weeknd or Drake, but I can still tell you how much I’ve personally been through.


She Needs Me (Prod. Caleb Sarikey)

Rony Black introduces a new song for his listeners called “She Needs Me”, produced by Caleb Sarikey and mixed and mastered by yours truly Rony Black. It is an exciting song for love birds to vibe to with this new school jazzy type beat. The chorus is rather catchy to sing along to. So catchy, you may just want to yell out the lyrics 2 AM while you’re still sitting in your car drunk. Probably wondering who you’ve been tweeting for the last 4 hours since your ex blocked you off all social media. “She could be with anybody else in the world but she says that -she needs me. I love her ’cause she loves me.”