rony-black-1      Rony Black -the one of a kind well rounded artist. With inspiration from many producers and artists, Rony has managed to cloak himself in many ways appealing to his followers. From producing his own beats, writing his own lyrics, and mixing and mastering the craft all at once. This man is pure GOLD. Rony definitely has defiant talent without a doubt as he utilizes his roots from its very own Aurora, IL. There is so much that this young man can do that others can’t. His work of art will be seeping out onto the spotlight (slowly but surely) with every day to come. If there is any sort of music Rony loves is classical music and hip hop. Together this comes a very gracious combination for his touch of flow with lyrics.

His love for hip hop did not start off as simple or obvious as one may think. Rony has always loved playing on drum sets since he was as tall as your rusted car’s door handle. It was in the 2nd grade when he grew interest in poetry books. A classic favorite for beginners would either be “If Pigs Could Fly” or “Where The Sidewalk Ends…”. Of course can’t exclude the rhyme king Dr. Seuss (followed by Dr. Dre). Boredom struck in the 5th grade when he explored his dad’s home recording studio in the basement and began messing on the microphone. It was a daily routine of turning on some speakers with instrumentals blasting through them and performing rhymes alone in the room. Pain is what creates gains his career game. Everyone has their own story -some go in deeper with details than others when talking about it. Love songs come natural the young lyricist’s brain when behind the microphone, but don’t be fooled. Everyone has a dark side as to having a silly side; the scary part is having all mixed into one. Interesting much? (Assuming you say yes)- Let’s see what the man has to release in his music.